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At the Annual Meeting held January 26, 2017 residents voted to annually have an arborist look at the trees growing in the common areas and alert the HOA to any diseased or dangerous trees.  Early in February board members walked the buffer and identified trees growing in the buffer that could potentially threaten residents property.  These trees and or overhanging branches were removed on February 18. On this date we also had an arborist walk the buffer and he did not see any other trees or branches of concern.  The buffer is a 20' section behind Traynor Court, Bridle Gate Court and goes across the end of the neighborhood at the end of these two streets as well as Shoemaker Court.

Please do not dump your trash in the buffer.  Biodegradeable yard waste is ok but we saw a lot of plastic and metal and ask that you dispose of this properly in the future.

It's a great time to use our park for a party!  To reserve the park, simply contact a Board Member. As a reminder the park is for parties hosted by residents.  You cannot reserve the park for a party hosted by someone who does not live in Bridle Gate. Anyone using the park for a party is asked to pick up and haul off their trash.

In 2017 dues will remain $100. Dues are due May 1

According to the Florida Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry, outdoor burning of yard waste must meet the required setbacks of 25 feet from forests, 50 feet from paved public roads, 25 feet from your own house and 150 feet from other occupied buildings.  Almost every house in Bridle Gate is located within 150 feet of another house. In these instances, burning of yard trash in the neighborhood is prohibited. Additionally the Bridle Gate Covenants, Article IX, Nuisances states that, "Homeowners shall conduct no noxious or offensive activity at any time so as to offend or annoy those who live them. If you feel a homeowner is burning in violation please call the Wakulla County Fire Rescue (850) 745-8698. If a home that meets the requirements to burn but the smoke output has become overly 'noxious or offensive' please contact any board member with your concerns.

Residents are reminded that the Bridle Gate Covenants require that no boat, trailer, motorcycle, motor home, camper, van or other recreational vehicle be parked or stored on any street overnight and that such items/vehicles not be parked in a drive or front or side yard for more than 3 consecutive days. These items are to be stored within an enclosed garage or at the rear of the lot behind a privacy fence. Residents in violation are subject to fines up to $100 per day per violation.  REMINDER - If a special circumstance exists you may contact the Board and request a temporary exception. 

   You must get a written permission from the HOA if you want to make architectural changes to your home.  The most common situations where you need this written permission are:

    -Change the color of your house and or shutters or trim
    -Change your roof color or material
    -Build or add a shed or other outbuilding
    -Make changes to the location, material or color of your fence
Please refer to the covenants for details and other situations where you must have written permission.



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